Monday, September 17, 2007

One Thing I learned . . . more to come

The link to the web site is in the title.

During one of the conference lunches - we watched the movie War Zone by film maker and activist Maggie Hadleigh-West. It is an in-your-face confrontation of cat calling, crude comments, and other aggressive street behavior men display towards women. It is graphic, and at times scary and other times heart breaking.

If you go to the web site - you can watch a trailer for the film.

I took quite a few notes/observations during the film - but the one I was most struck by was that the behavior of men who harass women on the street are behaving exactly the way pedophiles behave. Pedophiles will tell you that they will engage many children in their search for the one who will respond to them. That becomes the child they target for sexual attentions/abuse.

Men who cat call random women on the street are functioning in the same mind-set and behavior pattern as pedophiles -- which is terrifying.

In the movie, Maggie comments that for years her mother told her to beware of strangers, and it was some time before she realized what her mother really meant was to be aware of men.

Sad that we must raise our daughters to fear the world around them - and that we can't, at the same time, be candid and honest about what exactly they should fear either.

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